AfRIG: Measurement of Treatment Effects Using Real World Data

Jesper Hallas graduated as an MD from the University of Copenhagen in 1984. He has a clinical medicine background as a specialist in internal medicine, medical gastroenterology, and clinical pharmacology.

Dr. Hallas established the first pharmacoepidemiological prescription database in Denmark, OPED, based on reimbursed prescriptions from Funen County in Denmark (1990 and onwards). Dr. Hallas was one of the co-founders of the Danish Society of Pharmacoepidemiology and became its first president in 1994.

Since 2004, he has been a professor of clinical pharmacology at the University of Southern Denmark, the first four years also filling a position as consultant in internal medicine at Odense University Hospital.

Dr. Hallas has been an ISPE member for about 20 years and has served ISPE in several ways, among others, as program chair for the annual meeting in Copenhagen in 2008, as chair of the Public Policy Committee (2011-14) and as president (2017-18)

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