Gillian Hall

An interview with Gillian Hall, PhD, FISPE




Please provide a brief overview of your career and current position


Independent epidemiologist, in drug safety epidemiology- post-authorization safety studies. 


Can you comment on the first ISPE meeting you attended?


In Minneapolis- mid-80s.


What was the atmosphere like at the first ICPE?


Excited environment, people felt like they were responding to a growing need. 


What do you think was missing from the early meetings?


Everything we see today- methods, data sources, procedures, communications between regulators academics and industry. 


Can you comment on the ISPE Anaheim meeting?


First meeting with a formal board. Workhorse meetings- science beginning to evolve. 


How was the first board selected?


No election- call from the podium for volunteers. 


Who were the attendees at the Anaheim meeting?


World wasn’t well represented- US mainly, and Europe; makeup was more industry and regulatory, and less academic. 


What are your fondest memories of the early ISPE meetings?


Very friendly, encompassing society, positive attitude of inclusion. 


Can you comment on the social aspects of ISPE?


Joined as the youngest member- but was socializing with people much more senior in the field. People are close friends even though they meet only twice a year. 


When did you first get involved with pharmacoepi?


Two major drug adverse event incidents- practolol, and benoxaprofen. Needed to set up a system to detect problems not detected at the clinical   trials stage, that’s the stage when began this work.


What ISPE activities were you involved in early on?


On the membership committee, getting involved in the UK to spread the word. Development of Pharmacoepi and Drug Safety Journal. 


What do you feel is ISPE’s greatest impact on the field?


Forum where everybody involved in the field can come together. 


What do you see as the future of ISPE?


Future of ISPE will reflect future of pharmacoepi. Issue will be getting parts of the world involved who haven’t been. 


What wisdom would you like to pass to future leaders and members of ISPE?


New board members should look forward, not backwards. Keep the open personality of the society, will allow it to continue to grow.


What areas do you see where ISPE can grow?


Biologicals, devices are a new field. 


What were those early ICPE meetings like?


Small, compact, homely. People knew each other well. 


Can you tell us about the early European ICPE meetings?


ISPE is an international society, and needed to have representation of non-US membership, of Europe. 


How has ISPE evolved over the years?


The huge development, jump in terms of the methods and procedures that we have for drug safety. 


Who were some of your key mentors during the early years?


Not one key mentor- everyone was coming together, everyone working for a goal, it felt like a joint effort. 


How has ISPE impacted you personally and professionally?


Society has helped me keep contacts, stay on track. 

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