ICPE 2023: A Tour of Informatics: From Prediction to Prevalence

MODERATORS: Julie Lauffenburger | Rosa Gini

Breast Cancer Cohort Comparison Among Four Real-World Databases

AUTHORS: Xinyue Liu | Golnoosh Alipour Haris | Changxia Shao | Mehmet Burcu | Edward Bortnichak | Sarah Markt | Thao Vo Chu-Ling Yu (United States)

Comparison of EHR Data-Completeness in Patients with Different Types of Medical Insurance Coverage in the United States

AUTHORS: Priyanka Anand | Yichi Zhang | David Merola | Yinzhu Jin | Shirley Wang | Joyce Lii | Jun Liu | Kueiyu Joshua Lin (United States)

Variation in Mother-Infant Linkage Rates by Jurisdiction in U.S. Medicaid Data 

AUTHORS: Bradley Hammill | Michael Stagner | Judith Maro | Sarah Dutcher | David Moeny | Robert Rosofsky | Daniel Kiernan | Laura Shockro | Alexander Mai | Jessica Pritchard | Steven Lippmann | Pratap Adhikari (United States)

Developing Clinically Interpretable Machine Learning Algorithms for Pressure Injury Safety Surveillance with Explainable AI 

AUTHORS: Andy Wilson | Jenny Alderden | Jace Johnny (United States)

Brain Metastasis Prediction in Patients with Metastatic Breast Cancer using a U.S. Nationwide Clinico-genomic Database

AUTHORS: Yunru Huang | Tianyi Sun | Thibaut Sanglier | Chiara Lambertini | Adam Knott | Yolande Du Toit | Raf Poppe | Eleonora Restuccia | Sanne de Haas | Patricia Luhn (United States)

Prevalence of Probable Alzheimer’s Disease in Veteran Patients Based on Clinical Notes from Electronic Health Records

AUTHORS: Donald Miller | Guneet Jasuja | Byron Aguilar | Xuyang Li | Ekaterina Shishova | Dan Berlowitz | Peter Morin | Maureen O'Conner | Andrew Nguyen | Cindy Christiansen Raymond Zhang | Amir Abbas | Tahami Monfared | Quanwu Zhang | Weiming Xia (United States) 

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