Looking Under the Bonnet: Driving AI/ML into Routine Safety Surveillance – Opportunities and ‎Challenges (March 4, 2024)

Presented by Andrew Bate, VP, Head of Safety Innovation & Analytics, GSK

Despite the hype, AI/ML is not new: it’s been used routinely in elements of Pharmacoepidemiology and Safety for decades. For all the talk of experimentation and related methodological publications, the biggest challenges are often operationalizing these activities into routine use. This webinar will focus on challenges and insights into how operationalizing barriers can be overcome, and will include examples of how AI/ML has been or is being incorporated to support routine safety surveillance activities. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize what AI is and the opportunities it affords for pharmacoepidemiology and routine safety surveillance activities
  • Understand how AI is impacting safety now and how it may do so in the future
  • Appreciate some of the implications of AI on the field

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